why is season 1 of the office so bad
but what makes this season not all that bad was that it seemed to (or at least tried to) capture the spirit of earlier seasons once again. I never cared for season 1, but watch it anyway. I5 gives the general basis of the show, and if anything else is fun to see just how much the characters changed/evolved.

Season 1 Pam breaks my heart. While The Office is now known as one of the best and most successful comedy shows to ever be on television, it wasn’t always that way. I just finished the finale in season 9 and I feel like there is now a void in my life. In fact, the first season only had six seasons, making it only about a fourth as long as the rest of the seasons. She has no voice and as such her character is rarely speaking above a whisper. There are so many, but I’ll give you three examples of things that went right for that show. 1: That show was developed by Kevin Reilly, who was running NBC at the time. It turns out the characters in The Office knew they were being filmed the entire time!!!) I’m the first person to accuse celebrities of getting hair transplants - but I’m pretty sure Steve Carell hasn’t had one. When the first season of the U.S. version of the show aired, there was no guarantee that it would be a huge success. Thing No. Honestly, season 1 turned me off from The Office. Then I got invested in the characters around season 3. But upon urges from friends, I gave season 2 a shot. It got better. Pam's Life is Pretty Bad.



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