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Share Mexico City, Mexico - A railroad company in Mexico plans to invest more than $150 million over the next five years to boost train speed and security in an effort to deter immigrants from illegally boarding their freight trains to reach the United States. E very train car in “La Bestia” – The Beast – is a world unto itself, with all the good and evil that entails. She stopped here after she says she was robbed by a Mexican police officer who boarded the train. El tren de la muerte ("The Death Train") refers to a network of Mexican freight trains that are utilized by U.S.-bound migrants to more quickly traverse the length of Mexico, also known as La Bestia ("The Beast") and El tren de los desconocidos ("The train of the unknowns"). Honduran migrants who lost limbs from injuries while riding atop Mexico’s “La Bestia” freight trains in an attempt to get to the United States are warning others of the perilous journey. The freight train La Bestia has reemerged in recent weeks as a preferred mode of travel for Central American migrants.
Immigrants ride the trains, known as la bestia during their long and perilous journey through Mexico to the US border.

This is 'La Bestia' - or 'The Beast' - which is perhaps the most treacherous train in the world. Freight Train Routes through Mexico. La Mayoría de Mujeres son Violadas y Maltratadas en estos Viajes

The journey aboard "The Beast," or “La Bestia” in Spanish, is a perilous one. Mexican officials have also begun focusing on La Bestia in recent months, agreeing to arrest immigrants found waiting for the train. The train known in Spanish as "La Bestia," which runs from the southern border state of Chiapas into neighboring Oaxaca and north into Gulf coast state Veracruz, carried migrants north for …

The 30-year-old Honduran left her husband, two sons and her parents two months before I met her in Veracruz. -"La Bestia" de Pedro Ultreras - "Sin nombre" de Cary Fukunaga . Muchos Jóvenes desesperados en sus países huyen de la pobreza en busca de mejores condiciones de vida. Riding 'The Beast' Across Mexico To The U.S. Border : Parallels As many as a half-million undocumented immigrants, including more and more children, make … By Patrick J. McDonnell Mexico City Bureau Chief June 2, 2019

Migrants arrive at a rest stop in Ixtepec, Mexico, after a 15-hour ride atop a freight train headed north toward the U.S. border on Aug. 4. Mario, 34, a Honduran migrant who lost his leg while traveling en route to the United States on a freight train known as "La Bestia", rests during a physiotherapy session at … Honduran migrants who lost limbs from injuries while riding atop Mexico’s “La Bestia” freight trains in an attempt to get to the United States are warning others of the perilous journey. Every year 400,000 people from Central America traverse Mexico, a journey of some 2500 kilometres, to try to pass into the USA illegally. Veronica G Cardenas photographed life on the route of la Bestia – the freight train on which Central American men, women and children band together as … Ariel saw the worst of this world when he witnessed, helplessly, as eight people raped one of his fellow train passengers, a young girl, in July 2019. "The train is a dangerous way to travel," Delcia Ventura Canales said in Spanish. Riding 'the beast': Migrants board Mexico freight train to reach US - Duration: ... A bordo de 'La Bestia', el tren que trae a inmigrantes al país de la oportunidades - Duration: 3:23. 07/08/2014 04:02 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2014 JUCHITAN, MEXICO - AUGUST 06: Central American immigrants ride north on top of a freight train on August 6, 2013 near Juchitan, Mexico.
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