raising an australian shepherd

Faithwalk Aussies - Raising Your Aussie - This website is dedicated to the Australian Shepherd. Not only do they need plenty of exercise, but they also need space to roam and spend time off lead. By scary far. A daily walk on a leash isn’t vigorous enough activity to use up their pent-up energy. It's a resource for information on the breed, nutrition, behavior, … If you don’t train your Australian Shepherd, she will train you! Australian Shepherds are descended from working dogs and at their happiest when active. By far. Kiera blows them all out of the water. Aussies were bred to be herding dogs, and they require a lot of exercise. Without proper exercise, your Aussie may act out, chew furniture and generally do damage in your house. 3. An Aussie’s intelligence is something to be reckoned with. So I’ve known some smart dogs in my day. If an Australian Shepherd doesn't get sufficient exercise, they are prone to weight gain and may develop bad habits such as barking or chewing. Find your Australian shepherd a large area where he can run, such as a dog park. I’ve had several breeds of dogs over the years, most from the herding/working category.
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