my partner is too emotional

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sometimes he seems controlling then will apologize and call himself a dumb ass. Asking too much, or too little, can leave you on shaky ground. By minimizing or denying your own needs, you look to others or your current partner to fill your emotional gaps and emptiness in a way that can if you are not careful, become manipulative. These 19 items may tell whether a sense of emotional entitlement will spell doom or boom for your relationship. my boyfriend is very emotional and dramatic about everything. if I say the wrong thing, he will hold it against me. But for others it … he's like a baby who needs to be with my 24/7, I love him and everything but sometimes he's just too needy or clingy.

Am I Too Emotional in My Relationship Quiz - Some of us are very tough and very methodic when it comes to dealing with issues related with love and our partner. he gets over dramatic about every situation possible.



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