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Make one set of Shark Anatomy Cards to use with your class. Look no further than the dogfish.

Most sharks have five openings, but some come with a set of about six to seven of these. Eyes. The tiger shark has a wide mouth compared to other sharks in its family, and inside the tiger shark's blunt snout is something that really sets it apart: its teeth. Can/Can not ; Can you explain these animal cell tissues Flashcards Shark Anatomy. Instantly, thousands of waders and swimmers dashed in desperation for the safe solidity of the beach.
Neural arch: arched part of a vertebra related to the nervous system. They have 5-7 gills (without gill covers, operculum) in front of their pectoral fins (on both sides).

You may also choose to write your own. A shark's liver is relatively large, making up 5% to 25% of its total body weight and takes up to 90% of the space inside its body cavity. Gather shark and ray images and information from nonfiction resources and websites. Parietal muscles: set of muscles of the side of the head. Shark Anatomy and Physiology GENERAL ANATOMY Sharks are fish that have no bones, only cartilage. When a shark lungs forward towards its prey, a protective layer slides forward in front of its eyes called the niotating membrane. Vertebra: each of the bones forming the spinal column. Sharks have a range of adaptations that make them perfectly suited to their environment. Stuck for Ideas this Easter? The skeleton of a shark is mainly made of cartilage. A shark's liver is made of two large lobes that concentrate and store oils and fatty acids. Variation observed within shark anatomy is a potential result of speciation and habitat variation Skeleton. It has been shown to excrete salt (NaCI) in concentrations higher than that of the shark's body fluids or sea water. Tiger sharks have very thick hides, once described by a scientist as six to 10 times the strength of an ox hide [source: Tennesen]. Shark Muscles; Shark internal organs; Shark Circulatory System; Shark Brain; Organs, Structures, and Functions of Smell; Organs, Structures, and Functions of Equilibrium; Structures of the Cell and Functions; Can you explain Anatomy and its terms Flashcards; What can you do? It also works as a part of the digestive system and helps filter toxins out of the shark’s blood.

Shark tails are asymmetrical; the top lobe of tail is larger than the bottom lobe. Find a labeled image of shark anatomy. The rectal gland is a slender, blind-ended, finger-like structure that leads into the colon by means of a duct. Students enjoy dogfish dissection, and they remember and refer to the activity long after they perform it. Shark Anatomy Interactive This is a simple module that allows students to scroll over the body of a shark to learn about its parts and functions.

Anatomy: Form and Function. Clanging bells and bullhorns blared the awful news: Shark Alert! It is viviparous. Patricia Kopkau Anatomy Instructor Whittemore-Prescott High School Whittemore, Michigan Searching for a specimen for your structure and function lab? The Dogfish Shark—Structure and FUNction! The liver stores energy as dense oil which helps the shark with buoyancy, its ability to float. Shark Alert! Flash required. Shark anatomy differs from that of bony fish in a variety of ways. It's no wonder they've gained a reputation for being some of the most impressive and formidable predators on the planet! Internal anatomy of a shark: large, long and very powerful selachian fish. The liver functions in energy storage and buoyancy. Dark and sinister, a shark’s eyes are black and prominent on its majestic head. It is thus an organ of osmoregulation, regulating the shark's salt balance. Suddenly and without warning, the peaceful summer afternoon was fractured. Print them back-to-back with the Shark Anatomy Images or with the Shark Anatomy Answer Cards using cardstock or stiff paper. Internal anatomy: F.Liver: Taking up roughly 80% of the shark’s internal body cavity, the liver is the largest of sharks’ organs.
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