how to get the heart piece in death mountain crater

Answered: how do you get through Death Mtn Crater NOT the Fire Temple? You can reach it as a child by going to the bomb flower that you can throw at the Dodongo's Cavern entrance to break it open. Death Mountain Crater #1 []. There are also two Pieces of Heart that can be found here, along with a Great Fairy Fountain. You just revealed the secret entrance to the Crater! After you land on the Bolero of Fire warp location, go across the broken bridge on the left, then hookshot the broken piece of bridge across the gap, and climb up.

Hookshot to the bar … I'm not sure which Zelda game you are talking about... but if you are referring to Ocarina of Time, there are two heart pieces in Death Mountain's Crater. Where: Climbing Wall Alcove How to get it:On the wall below you as you enter the crater, there is a climbable surface.

Heart Piece #6 Location: Death Mountain Crater Time: Young Link Difficulty: Easy Requirements: Nothing Enter Death Mountain Crater as Young Link by ascending Death Mountain along the top trail where flaming debre falls from the sky.
there are 3 by hyrule castle in the dead end, on top of death mountain, and near lord jabu jabu as a kid. Make sure you're running straight at the pillar, and roll a couple times while hovering to make sure you make it. Death Mountain - One Piece of Heart. Comparison of the Japanese names further suggests this. From the exit to Goron City, put on the Hover Boots run off the corner next to the bridge to the Great Fairy Fountain. Death Mountain Crater, also known as Death Mountain Summit, is a location in Ocarina of Time. Specifics on Heart Piece: Prerequisites for Young Link: Prerequisites for Adult Link: Death Mountain Crater: In a niche on the wall. Go through, and go to the bridge on your left. Location: Death Mountain Crater. It can be accessed from the top of Death Mountain or through an ancient Goron pathway that leads from Darunia's room in Goron City. There are two ways to get to it: 1. On the Death Mountain Crater, you can either ride the bean platform or climb down the wall to the heart piece. Page Tools. Answered Where: Entrance To Dodongo’s Cavern ". Inside this massive crater rests the Fire Temple, along with seemingly endless pools of flowing lava. This is also the location where Link is taught the Bolero of Fire by Sheik. Death Mountain Crater is located in the heart of Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time. There are two ways you can get it: 1) You can enter Death Mountain Crater as a child and run straight forward. Go to the left and cross the short bridge. From entrance to Goron City, walk away and take the first right. Death Mountain Crater.

After you get the Megaton Hammer, you can collect upgrades in Death Mountain Crater. Return to this place as adult Link, get onto the Leaf that has now sprouted and then jump onto the platform with the heart piece on it. "Yama" is the Japanese word for "mountain," whereas "Desuma" differs only one Japanese letter from "Desu," or death. Upgrade Magic Meter. How do i complete the death mountain crater?
I need help I have the collector's edition so is .., The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest Questions and answers, GameCube When your a kid go and buy some magic beans, then play the bolero of fire to warp you to death mountain crater then find a hole in which to plant the bean once you have warp to the temple of time turn into and adult and ride the plant and jump off at the right time to get the heart piece if you dont then you fall into the lava unless you can manage to land on ground, but even still its really annoying … Answered: I can't get heart piece on the pointy cliff thing in death mountain crater? Top Contributors: Stephanie Lee, lolwhatusername, Jacob Fry + more.

For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do you get the heart on top of a volcano at Death Mountain Crater? You can also get this heart piece as a child by doing a back flip over the wall where the Bomb Flower near Goron City is to land on the platform with the heart piece. As child Link, plant a Magic Bean next to the warp point. If you get the wrong face, keep trying until you earn the Heart Piece.

Wher is the soft soil in death mountain crater to get the heart container peace between the smoke! It is the volcanic center of Death Mountain.

The same as Young Link, or the Goron's Tunic. - There is a small hole in a climbable wall in Death Mountain Crater.

Go forward to the fence, then walk left onto the small ledge. Please help!! To get this one, you have to access the crater by climbing to the top, then going through the entrance as a Child. In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, a mountain called Mount Desma might be a reference to Death Mountain, as it is written that Mount Desma is "the Mountain of Death" in one of the Yamatami tribe's ancient books. Throw the bomb flower somewhere, then stand with your back facing the short piece of fence, but turn slightly to the right. Enter Death Mountain Crater as a child without the Red Tunic and you'll have a short time limit before you get booted out (or fried). As a child you must plant a magic bean in the soft soil. Last Edited: 5 Dec 2013 11:37 pm. I will tell you how to get both: 1. Come back as an adult and ride it up to another Heart Piece.



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