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This breed doesn't hesitate to protect their territory so the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog can be a good choice if you want an excellent guard dog. The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a true example of the close kinship between dogs and wolves. Standing at between 24 to 26 inches and weighing 44 to 57 pounds this canine is a tall and powerful breed. At first glance, it looks kind of like a gray German Shepherd, and they’re both 24-26 inches tall.

Wolfdog Czechoslovakia, Czech wolfhound, sometimes incorrectly called, Czech wolf,Czechoslovakian wolfdog. This breed is the result of combining a German Shepherd with a Carpathian wolf– yes you heard right, an actual wild wolf! Leave a Comment . It is moderately active indoors and will do best with a large yard. Size and appearance of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog If you look at a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, it’s pretty easy to spot its heritage. The Czechoslovakian Vlcak is a breed that needs a lot of work and requires more patience – on one hand they are very hyperactive, and on the other hand they are very sensible. Origin and History. These herding dogs have a rectangular build with large barrel-shaped chest, broad neck, muscular belly and a bushy tail. These dogs can be over 25 inches tall and weigh at least 40 pounds. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Saarloos Wolfdog Dogs and Puppies with Pets4homes. The lowest shoulder height is 65 cm (26 in) for a male and 60 cm (24 in) for a female, and there is no upper limit. These canines are very loyal towards their owners and family, but can be suspicious of new people and animals.

The Czechoslovakian Vlcak Dog Breed as expectedly originates from Czechoslovakia.

Last Updated on August 29th, 2019. Czech Wolf Dogs often enjoy extremely long life spans and can life for up to 16 years. They are sometimes known as the Czech Wolfdog, as both Czech and Slovak breeders gave contribution in its creation, and because it was developed in Czechoslova. Czechoslovakian Vlcak Basics. All Czechoslovakian Vlcak found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. It is not a good idea to raise your puppy alongside other pets.

This breed is the result of an experiment in 1955 that involved crossing 48 working line German Shepherds with Carpathian wolves. The breed is also known as the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, the Ceskoslovensky Vlciak (Slovakia), the Ceskoslovensky Vlcak (Czech Republic) – or in short, the CSV. In the website, you will find information on the Club, the Breed, our upcoming engagements and events, and ways to get involved. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was created from crosses between the German shepherd and Carpathian wolves. They weigh between 44 and 54 pounds, have a height of about 24 to 26 inches and can live to be between 12 and 16 years old. Originally race of recent origin , born of a military prpogramme , to increase the performance of their German shepherds , crossing the Carpathian with wolves .

Interbreeding dog and wolf has brought a very long life expectancy - … They can however suffer from hip dysplasia on occasion, but this is common in dogs of this size. This breed was used in military special operations done by the Czechoslovak special forces commandos but was later also used in search and rescue, tracking, schutzhund, herding, obedience, agility, hunting, and drafting in Europe and the United States.

Due to its recen introduction, many people are unaware of the general characteristics of a Czechoslovakian wolfdog. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. Both the build and the hair of the Czechoslovak Wolfdog are reminiscent of a wolf. This breed is very well-built, though, and … Help us by answering a short survey. They weigh between 44 and 54 pounds, have a height of about 24 to 26 inches and can live to be between 12 and 16 years old. 2 stars. Czechoslovakian Vlcak information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog comes from a German Shepherd-wolf hybrid. A Beginners Guide to the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Adaptability. 3 stars. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog may just be the closest breed of dog to a wolf you can own, that’s right, even more so than the favorite Husky. Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are extremely protective guard dogs. An alert, primitive canine that resembles a wolf in appearance.



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