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The Brown tree snake eats birds, lizards, and bats. Occasionally the snake may appear olive-colored or have black speckling along its body. The Brown tree snake is a member of the colubrid snakes, which is a group of roughly twenty-five species that are referred to as "cat-eyed" snakes for their vertical pupils. These snakes usually range between 3 and 6 feet in length, but may grow larger. The Brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis) is an arboreal colubrid snake the lives in parts of coastal Australia, Papua New Guinea, and islands in northwestern Melanesia. Brown tree snakes can be identified by their slender bodies and their light brown coloration. Trap doors on brown tree snake traps have developed over the years.

The original version of the brown tree snake live mouse trap also contained a cage to protect the mouse from the brown tree snake. However, to reach the mouse the entire cage needed to be opened, making it difficult to care for the mouse if a snake had been captured in the trap. Slender-bodied snake with a distinctly bulbous head well defined from a narrow neck.

This snake is known for being an invasive species, responsible for killing the bird population on Guam Diet.

"The brown tree snake has had a devastating impact.

Brown Tree Snake ( Boiga irregularis) DESCRIPTION: Brown tree snakes may be any length from 18 inches as juveniles to over 8 feet long as adults.They are generally olive green to brown, although they may be somehwhat yellow or have slight saddle-like splotches off red.

A SNAKE now has 40 sutures and is recovering after undergoing life-ssssaaving sssurgery to remove a car part from its stomach in far north Queensland. Large eyes with vertical pupils.

The USGS Brown Tree snake Project is led by Fort Collins-based principal investigators who oversee research activities conducted by USGS scientists, affiliates from the University of Guam, and cooperators; these projects are aimed at containment, control, management, and detection of the invasive Brown Treesnakes on Guam.
“The brown tree snake is testament to the havoc invasive species can wreak, particularly on islands. The brown tree snake ( Boiga irregularis) was accidentally introduced to Guam in the late 1940s or early 1950s, probably from the Solomon Islands.Native to northeastern Australia, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands, the brown tree snake has significantly damaged the economy and ecology of Guam. The brown tree snake is very distinctive because of its large head with bulging eyes and its long slender body.
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