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Brahma Kumaris quotes in English and Hindi. Pages Liked by This Page. When people are concentrating deeply in thought it is this area of the forehead where creases or lines are formed on the skin. The fewer the thoughts and the lighter they are, the more our minds will be light and always enthusiastic. Health & Wellness Website. LIVE- EP#3 Meditation: An Inner journey (English) Where do my thoughts come from, BK Jayanti # brahmakumaris # rajyoga # meditation # bkjayanti Awakening With Brahma Kumaris Bk Shivani. Established in 1936, by today has more than 8500 centres in about 140 countries. Thought of the Day Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind. Create One Thought At A Time – A mind which is anxious and full of fear thinks excessively and faster than what is required at that point of time. Brahma Kumaris Gyan Sarovar, Academy for Better World, Hall No 2, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501. The programme which is simple and explicit in nature empowers people to take charge of their lives and awakens them to their pure inner assets. Let’s look at five techniques to keep our minds flying in joy always: 1. Shiv chitrkar. Daily Thought for today and positive thinking quotes. Motivational Speaker. BK.Shivani Verma, better known as Brahma Kumari Shivani or Shivani, is a teacher of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University since 1995. Brahma Kumaris, Meditation, Daily Messages, Soul Sustenance, BK Shivani Thought of the Day Meditation allows us to accumulate a stock of pure and positive thoughts, this will easily and automatically finish all waste and negativity. Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya (Godly Spiritual University) Established by God, this is the World Spiritual University for Purification of Souls with the knowledge and RajaYoga taught by the Supreme Soul (God), giving his most beneficial advice.
Message for the day 14-06-2020 To be careless means to misuse specialities. Thoughts book to view or download. 6,887 were here. Dadi Janki. Awakening with Brahma Kumaris is a TV series started in 2007 where BK Shivani along with an anchor discusses daily life issues and gives a solution in accordance with the spiritual knowledge taught at Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. AWAKENING WITH BRAHMA KUMARIS An international daily TV talk show, ‘Awakening With Brahma Kumaris’ is changing people’s lives all over the world. Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani is one of the most respected and versatile spiritual, motivational and inspirational speaker. Sadhguru.
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