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If you have a desire to show, buy good quality eggs or hatch lings from a reputable, established breeder. hotel at the top of the julian alps wtf fun. There are records of blue egg laying chickens in South America going back to the 1520’s. The tufts are unique to the breed and are often referred to as the ‘beard’.
The Araucana chicken is probably one of the rarest chicken breeds in the United States, particularly when it comes to hatching backyard chickens.

Their pea comb is their defense against cold climate. The Egg Lady on Dable Road in Mukwonago, Wisconsin has quite a good business selling Araucana eggs. Overview The Araucana Chickens was produced in South America by interbreeding Spanish Mediterranean breeds with the native breeds of South America.The Araucana Chickens originated from the province of Arauca in Chile, and there have been records of these birds since the 16 th century. Araucana lay heartily through spring and summer with a precipitous decline in the winter months. One of the most interesting Ameraucana chicken facts is that the hens lay beautiful blue eggs. AnimalSake will provide interesting facts about Ameraucana chickens. Ameraucana Chicken has all-climate tolerance. Unique Characteristics of Ameraucana Chickens. Jun 14, 2016 - blue egg layers. Araucana chicken is a very beautiful breed and also known for their ability to lay colored eggs. This is, mostly, down to the fact that it is a difficult chicken to breed. Ameraucana Chickens have noticeably small and round earlobes compared to Araucana chickens. Araucanas that meet the breed standard are rumpless and tufted, however they are exceptionally difficult to breed because the tufted gene can cause a high percentage of the chicks to die in their shells. Bantam Araucanas lay amazingly large eggs. There are other distinguishing features as well. Araucanas are a extremely rare breed of chicken with tufts of feathers emerging from either side of their faces. What its like owning Araucana chickens Araucanas are a fun chicken breed to own and despite their smaller size, they can lay nice big eggs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Welcome.

They are the original blue egg layers, their eggs are unique as the blue colour permeates throughout the shell. Enlarge.

Not all Araucanas enjoy a lot of human attention, so it’s important to spend time with them frequently when they’re chicks and spend a lot of time feeding them treats if you want lap chickens. Thus, the Ameraucana chickens breed was given birth to, as well as in 1980, this name was officially accepted through the American Poultry Association (APA) and through the American Breeders Association (ABA).

According to certain sources, in the late’70s, the usual American chicken and therefore the Araucana were bred to get rid of certain shortcomings in the Araucana chicken breed.
The different colored chicken eggs of the Araucana chicken are highly desirable! Hatcheries add to these challenges by misrepresenting their mongrel Easter Eggers as Araucana and Ameraucana chickens. They make good eating, and one might do better to butcher and start over next spring. They are muffed, bearded, and has a tail. Categories Uncategorized Tags aniamls, araucana, chicken, easter, eggs Leave a comment Post navigation. Comment. The Araucana Chicken – WTF fun facts. robert samuel the professional stander wtf fun.

Advertisements. Chicken Breed Information - Araucana - Araucanas are exceptionally rare and have their origins in South America, although they were developed here in the US. Araucana and Ameraucana chickens are breeds, which are recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). They must not be confused with the Easter Eggers breed even though Easter Eggers can also lay blue and green eggs. Facts About Ameraucana Chickens That Will Simply Enchant You. The official website of the British Araucana Club.

See more ideas about Araucana chickens, Chickens, Blue eggs. Name Email. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. The origin of the Araucana is still up for debate, however many believe they originated in Chile.

The ability to lay blue eggs was the main reason for breeding Araucana chicken. Here are more things to consider when raising backyard chickens.

Araucana eggs are blue, a very pretty blue, but not as blue as robin eggs.



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