Sloop of war
Sloop of war definition is - a small warship with guns on only one deck. Examples of how to use “sloop-of-war” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Sloop, single-masted sailing vessel with fore-and-aft rigging, including mainsail, jib, and sometimes one or more headsails. Sloop Of War was awash in the nautical action and battle sequences that making reading Alexander Kent’s Bolitho Series so much fun. In modern usage, the sloop is practically synonymous with the Sloop-of-war synonyms, Sloop-of-war pronunciation, Sloop-of-war translation, English dictionary definition of Sloop-of-war. sloops of war A small warship carrying guns on one deck only. A sloop of war was a small sloop-rigged warship, mounting about 20 guns. sloop of war n. pl. The excitement never flags in the novel which describes Bolitho’s first command (of a sloop) during the American Revolution off … This is a list of sloops of war of the United States Navy Sailing sloops of war. sloop of war n (Military) (formerly) a small fast sailing warship mounting some 10 to 30 small calibre guns on one deck sloop′ of war′ n. an armed sailing vessel, smaller than a frigate, having cannons on only one deck. n. pl. sloops of war A small warship carrying guns on one deck only.
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