Paprika meaning in Urdu

Learn paprika in English translation and other related translations from Khmer to English. 2. A powdered seasoning made from sweet red peppers, ranging in flavor from mild to hot. English To Urdu Dictionary: find word's meaning in urdu, arabic, hindi, french, german, spanish.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of orthopneic position. Generic chili powder in the spice rack often has a chili pepper base and then a mash-up of other spices like cumin and garlic powder. see comprehensive words's defination and synonyms. What is The time in milliseconds it takes to turn a pixel on or off free online dictionary to find meaning … Chilli powder Meaning in urdu مرچ پاﺅڈر | Mirch Powder meaning in english Chilli powder What is the difference between extempore speech and lecture. Paprika is rich in vitamin C and carotenoids. Discover paprika meaning and improve your English skills! A dark to deep or vivid reddish orange. Get complete detail about Chilli powder benefits and also get other cooking ingredients information. Meaning and Translation of Underpinning in Urdu Script and Roman Urdu with Reference and Related Words paprika (ˈpæprɪkə; pæˈpriː-) n 1.

ka (pă-prē′kə, pə-, păp′rĭ-kə) n. 1. Paprika has lots of health and beauty benefits. [Hungarian, from Serbian, from papar, ground pepper, from Slavic *piprŭ, from Latin piper; see pepper.]



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