12 gauge slug ballistics

Fiocchi of America’s ammunition is made by shooters for shooters. Use this ballistic calculator in order to calculate the flight path of a bullet given the shooting parameters that meet your conditions. As for what actually hits the target, it is a 273 grain grain .45 caliber bullet in 20 gauge as opposed to a 328 grain bullet in 12 gauge.

Muzzle: 50 yds. Also, at 1760 fps muzzle velocity, our 3" 12-ga. Magnum slugs shoot… Wilhelm Brenneke revolutionized an ammunition that followed best hunting principles. Gauge Shell Length Projectile 12 2.75 00 Buckshot 12 2.75 High Velocity Steel (BBB) 12 2.75 ITX-10 Duck #4 12 3.0 Nickel Plated Lead #5 12 2.75 1 ounce Thug Slug 12 3.0 ITX-13 Goose #2 20 2.75 7/8 ounce Thug Slug 410 2.5 125gr Thug Slug The test site was configured as below: Velocit 7 feet 10 feet A MV of 1476 fps and ME of 2538 are claimed for the 12 gauge 2 3/4" Magnum load. Shotgun slugs came out of the dark ages with the advent of the sabot slug and rifled shotgun barrels. Always in the forefront of deer slug technology, we redesigned our 12-gauge Slugger Rifled Slug for a 25% improvement in accuracy. Federal Barnes load P209 XT1 is published at 1900 fps MV, with a static B.C of 0.205. Velocity/Energy Winner: 12-gauge. 3 1/2" 1 ⅝ OZ.

Quick View; Steel Waterfowl 12 Gauge #1. I've not measured the 12 gauge projectile, but I'll guess it is a 50 caliber. Today, in terms of external ballistics, 12 and 20 gauge saboted rounds for rifled slug guns are virtually identical.

(oz.) Freedom Munitions offers 12 gauge ammo as discount prices. Index No. That's closer external ballistics than could be hoped for if we did it intentionally. Shotgun slug ammunition is available in most of the common shotgun calibres.. For example, a typical 12 gauge shotgun slug is a blunt piece of metal that could be described as an 18 mm (.729 inch) caliber that weighs 28 grams (432 grains). This puts 12 gauge sabot slugs on par with .338 Winchester Magnum when it comes to muzzle energy. ... 12 Gauge #SLUG. Since 1922, Super X ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and sport shooters. Rottweil offers several slug loads in 12, 20, and .410. Shotshell Slug Ballistics FILTER BY LINE: ALL Premier Copper Solid Premier AccuTip Premier Expander Slugger Slugger High Velocity Managed Recoil Slugger FILTER BY GAUGE/BORE: ALL 410 Bore 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge With trajectory essentially identical to the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge is inherently more accurate, better handling and easier to shoot accurately. In both 12 gauge and the 20 gauge cartridges, Hornady ® SST ® Shotgun Slugs deliver sub-2" groups at 100 yards and feature the flattest trajectory on the market. The 20 gauge gun with a fully rifled barrel shooting saboted bullets is replacing its 12 gauge counterpart. Always in the forefront of deer slug technology, we redesigned our 12-gauge Slugger Rifled Slug for a 25% improvement in accuracy. The simplest form of slug is a round ball (sometimes referred to in the United States as a pumpkin ball or pumpkin shot).

Browse our selection of Shotgun Shells for every caliber and top shotgun brands. For example, a 12-gauge barrel was designed around the fact that one pound of lead could be divided into twelve 0.727-inch lead balls. The K.O. A shotgun slug is a single projectile primarily designed to be fired from a smooth-bored shotgun. One 12 gauge sabot slug maker claims their slug generates over 3,800 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Shell Length: Slug Wt.

The same methodology is true from the 4 gauge down to the 28 gauge. You’ll find 300 win mag ballistics, 308 ballistics, 30-06 ballistics, 223 ballistics, 243 ballistics, 30-30 ballistics and much more. The aim was to kill game without causing unnecessary wounds or suffering. Energy (ft.-lbs.) Drop (in.) The same methodology is true from the 4 gauge down to the 28 gauge. The 12-gauge has a muzzle velocity of 1,250 feet per second, while the 20 has only 1,100 feet per second. This is a huge … Ga. More important is the 100 yard retained energy figure of 1170 ft. lbs. 1630FPS. Their 2 3/4" 12 gauge slug weighs 1 1/4 ounce, and their 3" Magnum 20 gauge slug weighs a full 1 ounce. Power•Shok Sabot Slug 12 Gauge Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury.

12 Gauge Shells . 2 3⁄4" 1 OZ. Aguila ... Fiocchi 12 GA 2-3/4" SLUG LOW RECOIL 80 RD CAN. Slugger® Rifled Slugs.



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